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6 Ways to Have Gratitude in Your Life Everyday

As moms, it is quite common for us to get caught up in our day to day living. With all the errands and house chores that are getting our attention, we prioritize keeping up with our daily needs and chores every single day. This leads us to exhaustion and weariness.
And when we take a break from all these chaos in our life, all we see in our social media feeds are photos of consumerism and YOLO culture, making us yearn for something more.

This is where having gratitude in your life comes in.

We are created to be grateful on our day to day living. Practicing gratitude is vital for a joyful and successful life. It makes us have a positive outlook and leads us to a simple life, focusing on things that matter most. It replaces our feelings of discontentment into fulfillment and happiness.

Of course, saying “thank you” to people who help us is basic, but what else can we do to practice gratitude despite our busy schedules and other priorities?

Here are 6 actionable ways to do it:

1. Having short moments of gratitude

Giving thanks to our Creator can be done in short moments throughout the day.

Say a little prayer for the new day and for the gift of life upon waking up.
Be grateful for the blessings of food and sustenance before and after mealtimes.
Appreciate your family’s good health and safety at the end of the day.

There are just countless of things to be grateful for in an entire day!

2. Keeping a gratitude journal

Sometimes, we’re too busy with the noise around us that we are not able to take the time to notice the good things that are happening in our lives.

Sit down sometime and assign a specific notebook for to jot down your blessings
This habit forces you to set aside a specific schedule to reflect on your life.

At first, you might think that you won’t write down much, but you’ll be surprised that you have a lot to be thankful for!

3. Sending thank-you messages and tokens of appreciation

When problems and difficulties arise, we need to ask for help from others and accept it gracefully when it comes.

Our family, friends, loved ones, and strangers even may lend us a helping hand in one way or another down the road.

The least we can do to repay their kindness is to pray for them, send messages thanking them, and give a simple gift.

4. Slowing down and appreciating everything even in the bad times

In times of stress and anxiety, cherish the people and things around you.

The messy rooms mean that the kids enjoyed their playtime.
The dirty dishes in the sink mean that God has provided food for your family.
The sore and tired body you have means that you have been productive today.

Sometimes, blessings are disguised as burdens, and it’s all a matter of perspective!

5. Spending time with other people and volunteering to help

You will never know how blessed your life is until you put yourself in another’s shoes.

Go out of your way sometime and interact with other people.
Help others in the best way that you can. You can invite your family over one weekend (or this coming Christmas!) to join an outreach program or pay a visit to an orphanage.

You will feel grateful for the blessings and the capacity to help others.

6. Praying for God’s guidance

Be intentional to have gratitude every single day.

Ask him to transform your heart into a grateful one.
Pray that you become a better steward of all the blessings he placed under your care. Be committed to having a grateful life.

Soon you’ll be surprised that you’ll be able to lead a life full of gratitude, appreciation, and happiness.

We can always yearn for something more in our life, thinking it will make us happy.

But a happy life does not make us grateful.
Instead, creating a life full of gratitude brings us joy.

Remember that it is a habit that should be built daily. Start today!

8 thoughts on “6 Ways to Have Gratitude in Your Life Everyday”

  1. Yes to being grateful every day and every moment. I remember one day when I was so furious with someone who keeps on saying, “he’s not blessed.. nobody understands him”. I sent him a message saying, “Just look around you, everything you see, are blessings. You just don’t know how to appreciate it.”


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