About My Little Blessing

Hello everyone!
I am Kamille, a young and unexpected mother to Kaden Martin.

My transition to fully welcoming my motherhood has been tough, as my pregnancy was not something that I have anticipated in the early stage of my life.

Because of my immaturity, the unanticipated challenges made me regret having my baby. And my shaky faith to the Lord did not help.

I became an irritable, resentful, and depressed mother. My life was hopelessly beyond repair, or so I thought.

But after finding my way back to the Lord, I have later on realized that this motherhood season in my life has a purpose, and it plays a huge part in God’s plan for my life.

With this, My Little Blessing was born out of a desire to give inspiration to my fellow moms.

Join me in my continuous journey on embracing the challenges of motherhood, accepting the circumstance of co-parenting, and facing developmental delays, while growing on Christian faith.